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Welcome to HomeBiodieselKits.com, the #1 site for biodiesel processing equipment. At HomeBiodieselKits.com, we are constantly growing and adding new products. If you are new to biodiesel and would like to learn more, please see the Biodiesel Resources and Information page which offers tons of info on the subject of biodiesel.

At Home Biodiesel Kits our goal is to offer the widest selection of biodiesel kits and equipment that can make the processing of used cooking oil into biodiesel much easier. If you've been shopping for a biodiesel kit, chances are all you have found is either really expensive or may require some help from your local plumber or electrician.

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Why people choose
biodiesel processors?

  • To help the environment instead of hurt it.
  • To save money. Sometimes more than $3.00/gallon in savings!
  • To produce biodiesel for sale as a business.
  • To stop relying on foreign oil companies and cartels.
  • To use biodiesel to create electricity for your home or business.
  • To convert your local crops into renewable fuel.

Recent News: Algae Biodiesel Hits Record Low with Algae Hitting Record Highs

The hope of biodiesel production in the USA using algae was once thought to be a leading source of fuel, ending the need for used cooking oil or other waste products. As the economy began to fall around 2008 the need for renewable fuel was at an all time high and many thought it would lead to algae innovation and production. Unfortunately many have found algae to be too difficult to produce and even more difficult to create fuel from during this falling economy.

The hope for a green tower of fuel producing algae that sucks all the nasty CO2 and toxins out of the atmosphere was a noble one but the fundamentals simply failed to support this dream. First, the algae itself is so small that it required very expensive and complex equipment to extract that many entrepreneurs simply could not participate. This left only those with the capital and backing to manage a risky investment as the only players, limiting innovation and production. Second, the timing of the market crash and fuel prices falling crippled those who were actually attempting this daunting mission.

Success was found in some small groups who were able to produce oil from algae in photo-bioreactors using LED lights to grow algae in a laboratory type environment . The production was very small and usually only used for the study of the process and certain species of algae. This success again was tempered by the lack of oil extraction and the limited amount of oil supplied by such a small living plant.

In theory, algae production can continue and grow but probably not for biodiesel production for quite some time. Biodiesel feedstock sells for around $1 per gallon on a good day. If a company was able to overcome all these obstacles, produce the oil and have a steady supply to sell, the oil would be worth much more than $1 per gallon and could sell for up to $30 per gallon. Why? Algae oil is prized in the fields of cosmetics, health and supplements and in these products the oil can be sold for a much higher value.

So the hope for algae production is not dead, but for the use in fuel production, the math just simply doesn't add up.

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