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Welcome to HomeBiodieselKits.com, the #1 site for biodiesel processing equipment. At HomeBiodieselKits.com, we are constantly growing and adding new products. If you are new to biodiesel and would like to learn more, please see the Biodiesel Resources and Information page which offers tons of info on the subject of biodiesel.

At Home Biodiesel Kits our goal is to offer the widest selection of biodiesel kits and equipment that can make the processing of used cooking oil into biodiesel much easier. If you've been shopping for a biodiesel kit, chances are all you have found is either really expensive or may require some help from your local plumber or electrician.

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Why people choose
biodiesel processors?

  • To help the environment instead of hurt it.
  • To save money. Sometimes more than $3.00/gallon in savings!
  • To produce biodiesel for sale as a business.
  • To stop relying on foreign oil companies and cartels.
  • To use biodiesel to create electricity for your home or business.
  • To convert your local crops into renewable fuel.

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