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4 Gallon Biodiesel Starter Kit

4 Gallon Biodiesel Starter Kit

New to Biodiesel?

Want to learn how to make biodiesel before spending thousands on a processor?

Then look no further. This 4 gallon starter kit will allow you to make up to 4 gallons of perfect biodiesel in about 24 hours.

The 4 Gallon Starter Kit shown here comes complete with the following components:

- Small Batch Kit
- EZ Titration Kit. Makes titrating your oil quick and simple!
- Safety First Kit (chemical resistant gloves, safety goggles, apron, and dust mask)
- Complete operating manual with step-by-step directions and advice.

This kit is for those who would like to learn how the biodiesel process works before spending thousands on a biodiesel processor. With this kit you will get everything you need to make 4 gallons of biodiesel and learn how easy making biodiesel is, if done correctly.

What if I order a processor later, will I get any credit for this purchase?

Yes! We will credit 100% of what you pay for this kit to the purchase of any of our biodiesel processors and take $100 off your shipping for being a repeat customer.

Instock and shipping is included!
Availability: Usually ships the same business day.