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ASTM Testing

Are you shopping for equipment to make your own biodiesel? If so, be sure to ask for a FULL ASTM 6751 test with used cooking oil as the feedstock. We have posted the results of ours below, if you have any questions call 1-800-679-1398.

ASTM 6751 is the only complete and comprehensive test for biodiesel evaluation. While there are many different parts of the test, fuel must pass the entire battery of tests to be marketed as a fuel for use in diesel engines, and to comply with the EPA standards.

A producer of biodiesel can only make the statement that their fuel is ASTM certified if it has been subjected to the full range of testing procedures. Many companies will make the claim that their equipment will produce ASTM quality fuel, when in fact they are only performing a partial ASTM test. ASTM testing is expensive. The full range of ASTM 6751 testing costs around $1500.00.

BioFuels Equipment LLC. continues to be the leader in biodiesel production equipment, and we are willing to submit fuel made in our equipment to the full and complete procedures of ASTM 6751 testing.

Please take a moment to review the test results of biodiesel made in a Freedom Fueler. *Also note that the results show a fail on the oxidation portion of the test. This is normal when using waste cooking oil for biodiesel production, and is easily remedied by the use of an anti-oxidant.

Biodiesel made from waste cooking oil may not have the capacity to pass the oxidation portion of ASTM testing. The fact that the oil has been heavily used for cooking, limits its ability to withstand oxidation. So, when using waste cooking oil for the production of biodiesel an anti-oxidant may be needed in order to be sold to the public.